Why The Steam Team Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Service Around

Rugs and Carpets require regular care to maintain and keep clean and pristine. The carpet cleaning service offered by The Steam Team is designed to remove all soils, odors and allergens from your carpet. This cleaning process will also extend the life of your carpet and improve the air quality of your home or business.

The Best Technology For The Job

One thing that sets The Steam Team carpet cleaning apart from other companies is that we work with only the latest and best technology for the job. Our method cleans deep and removes even the toughest stains using hot water extraction technology.

We also use high powered professional truck mounted equipment for a powerful, yet gentle clean of all carpets and rugs. Only the cleaning wand and hoses are brought into your home or business. All dirt is removed and stored in the waste tank of our modern trucks.

Restoration Cleaning

The Steam Team also offers restoration carpet cleaning, meaning even carpets or rugs that are heavily soiled and damaged can be cleaned. The restoration cleaning process adds several additional steps to ensure the best clean for your carpets. The extra steps involve a powerful floor machine used to loosen soil and dirt before the standard hot water extraction method.

Professional Drying Process

Cleaning your carpets yourself, or relying on other companies, may require you to wait long periods of time for your floors to dry. The Steam Team doesn’t think you should have to wait. For your convenience, you can ask for our professional drying process where high powered drying fans are used to change your carpets or rugs from soaked to damp to dry in no time.

With your carpets and rugs efficiently cleaned and quickly dried, you’ll be able to get things back to normal quite quickly. For more information on the other services that we have to offer, visit The Steam Team website.